How to Pay?

Accepted Payment Methods:


Credit Card Payments 

Make SURE the adresse linked to your Credit Card is the same shipping adresse you entered on your order! None matching adresses will not be processed. 

Mastercard is not accepted.


Paypal (3% fee for Paypal Orders over $1000)

Paypal: To pay for your order using Paypal send the total amount to the email thenorthboro@gmail.com or use https://paypal.me/TheNorthBoro

Add ONLY your order number to the note section (example: #12345)

Make SURE your shipping adresse on Paypal is the same one you entered on your order, we NEED to ship to the adresse on your Paypal payment so make sure your adresse is correct!

ANY ORDER OVER $999.99 will need to add a 3% fee on top of the total payment.
Same goes with ANY wholesale order.



Etransfer (No fee)

Once your order is placed send the payment with your order number in notes (example: 1234) to the Email: TheNorthBoro@gmail.com

Question: What is the Password?

Anwser: North

Payments not received 24 hours after the order has been placed, will be cancelled!



Coinbase Checkout

Crypto payement are available at checkout with Coinbase Commerce