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OCB Premium Papers w/Filters

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OCB papers are ultra thin and translucent, and provide a easy to roll premium smoking experience.

OCB selects organic French hemp and Flax grown throughout Europe for it's quality papers. The acacia gum is extracted from two species of acacia trees that grow in semi-desert areas of Africa. The acacia gum is obtained from the trees by making incisions in the bark.

For a long time, paper manufacture was the work of craftsmen. Today, it uses the most modern, advanced techniques with complete respect for tradition. Paper is made mainly from cellulose fibres taken from plants. These fibres come from tree in managed forests or plants grown and harvested annually.

OCB selects the most resistent plants: these are the qualities that determine the thinness and transparency of OCB's ultra-fine papers and these are the criteria on which our reputation has been based for so long.

50 papers & 50 filters